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E-mail van Richard Wilson, de kleinzoon van Walter Greensted

11 september 2018

Hello ,

            On the 16th. October 1918 Hulste was liberated . On the 22nd. October 1918 my grandfather 2nd. Lieutenant Walter Greensted was killed in action nearby and is burried in your cemetary in Hulste and is the only Commonwealth war grave there . He had six grandchildren and all six of us will be commemorating his sacrifice by visiting his grave on Monday the 22nd. October at about 11.00 hrs , being One hundred years after he fell near your town . If any residents of Hulste and the local villages would like to join us , the Greensted grandchildren , at the cemetary we would be delighted to meet you . I apologize if this is short notice but it has not been too easy organizing all six of us plus partners to make this pilgrimage at the same time.

I notice from your excellent website under 'Trefwoorden' you have the heading 'Common wealth war graves' . We were all very touched by the extra information given by Fhilip Vannieuwenhuyse and astonished to learn that flowers were placed on his grave every 11th October by a lady called Lydie Vandenbroucke who passed away on June 13th. 2009 . Who was this lady? We knew nothing about this . If you can please find any information about this discreet lady and whether she has family living nearby we would be so grateful as we pay our respects and gratitude .

             My name is Richard Wilson (age 69) and I am the second son of Barbara Greensted (1915 - 2002). If you would like to call me by phone.
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